Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Hoydens and Firebrands regret that this blog is now archived.

Over the years it has provided a fascinating resource on all things seventeenth century and will continue to remain live and fully searchable.

Thank you to all the contributors and our followers. We hope you will continue to follow the books and doings of the individual Hoydens and Firebrands

Anita Davison (Anita Seymour)


Mmd de Farge said...

Your presence will be missed but all of you never forgotten. Thanks to the company for the flights of fancy, insights, whimsy, obscure details, and most of all, inspiration.

Alison Stuart said...

Thank you, chere Mme! We are all still good mates and we blog regularly on our own blogs. This little corner of the 17th century will remain as a resource for our friends and fellow 17th century passionistas :-)

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