Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hoydens Round Up...

With three new members of the Hoydens and Firebrands team we thought it timely to do a little catch up on our recent releases and forthcoming news.

Starting with our newest members:


Nothing much to report on my books, except I'm formatting a Kindle version of my third book into a paperback version. It's my nonfiction book, The DYERS of London, Boston, & Newport.
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The Golden Shore, the final mss for my Herodias Long trilogy, is coming together nicely. It should be ready to publish next spring, if I don't let playing bass clarinet in several community bands distract me!
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My teen/adult novel 'Shadow on the Highway' - will be published by the UK's Endeavour Press. It is the first of a series of books based on the life of notorious Highwaywoman Lady Katherine Fanshawe, and is set at the end of the English Civil War. Great fun to write - you can read more about Lady Katherine here: 

'A Divided Inheritance' is now available as an audiobook and in large print. 
 Meanwhile, I am continuing work on my novel based around Pepys's Diary and on the sequel to 'Shadow on the Highway'.


My English Civil War, castle siege story, CLAIMING THE REBEL'S HEART came out in January to some lovely reviews. For more information and to read an excerpt visit my website:
In a change of pace (or period), my first foray into Regency, a regency romantic suspense, LORD SOMERTON'S HEIR was published with Escape Publishing (and imprint of Harlequin Australia) in May.
I may have some other, really exciting news but I can't say anything yet... curses!

ANITA DAVISON - Some really big news...

I have two novels being re-released with Books We Love under the titles, The Rebel's Daughter and The Goldsmith's Wife.

The Rebel's Daughter

Helena Woulfe, the daughter of a wealthy Exeter nobleman leads a privileged life. 
However, as King Charles II's reign comes to an end, so does her innocence.
Rebellion sweeps the West Country and when her family is caught in its grip, 
she finds herself on the road searching for her missing Rebel father and brother after the Duke of Monmouth’s bloody defeat in battle at Sedgemoor.
King James II wants revenge on those who opposed him and their lives are further torn apart when soldiers ransack her home. 
The family estate is confiscated by the crown and given to their bitterest enemy.
Feeling bereft and abandoned, they go to London. Helena hopes the city will overlook 
their past and she can make a new life for herself, and perhaps find love. 
Only, there are others lurking, willing to do harm to a traitor's daughter.
Before she can find happiness with Guy, the man who offers her the security and 
respectability she seeks, she learns her family’s allegiances can snatch away her 
safety at any time.

The Goldsmith's Wife

It is 1688 and in London, and Helena has what she always wanted, respectability and security, although her brothers remain a worry - Aaron schemes in Holland with the Prince of Orange to depose the reigning King James II, and Henry carries his own sorrow, pining for another man's wife.
Prince William arrives in England to re-establish the Anglican Church,and when anti-Papist riots break out in London, Helena is forced to flee from her home – again.
 While Helena strives to keep what she holds dear, can she and her brothers attain what they desire and above all, will they ever learn the fate of their missing Father, who disappeared after the Battle of Sedgemoor?


I had an excellent interview in The Atlantic for I Had Rather Die: Rape in the Civi War.
And my second book in The Dreaming series Wind Talker will be released in the fall. Like Walks Through Mist, it will be a mix of the modern and 17th-century Virginia.

MARY SHARRATT reports she is between books at the moment and ANDREA ZUVICH is in the throes of moving house when all life stops... 


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Thanks so much for posting, Alison!!

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Great selection of books! I'm going to be very busy with my TBR pile. Thanks for updating us, Alison.