Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Hoydens New Year!

While the Hoydens all share a burning passion for all things seventeenth century sometimes our writing takes away from our first love and we would like to take this opportunity to recap our 2011 and look forward to 2012 (and beyond) with some exciting new stories coming from these talented writers.

2011 New Releases from the Hoydens:

Culloden SpiritTrencarrow Secret

Anita Davison celebrated the release of two new books in June and September:  Trencarrow Secret and Culloden Spirit:   both Victorian "gothic" novels.

Alison Stuart released a collection of her published short stories:  Tower of Tales


Coming in 2012:

Mary Sharratt's latest book ILLUMINATIONS about the extraordinary nun, Hildegard of Bingen will be released . Mary writes "...My new book ILLUMINATIONS: A NOVEL OF HILDEGARD VON BINGEN will be published in October 2012 to coincide with Hildegard's upcoming canonization and her elevation to a Doctor of the Church. There are only thirty-three Doctors of the Church and only three have been women, so this is a major step forward to recognizing Hildegard's legacy as a great woman of ideas. Hildegard was a 12th century abbess, composer, theologian, scientist, visionary, and healer."

Sandra Gulland will be launching her own e-book imprint, Sandra Gulland Ink. All Sandra's books will be made available in e-format through this new imprint.

And looking further into the future:

In Spring 2013 Sandra Gulland will release a new book, the  (as yet unnamed) true story of a maid, Claude des Oeillets, the daughter of itinerant actors who rose to become the confidential attendant to the most powerful woman in the 17th century French court of the Sun King: Madame de Montespan, mistress of the charismatic King Louis IV. 

In the meantime: 

Kim Murphy has been working on a sequel to The Dreaming  and her first non-fiction title A Fate Worse than Death:  Rape During the Civil War. We have been following her research trips to the archives with interest! 

Alison Stuart is keeping her fingers crossed and hoping that her hard work of 2011(her first year of writing full time) will result in some good news in the new year. 

Wishing all our followers a happy and successful 2012!

Alison, Mary, Anita, Kim and Sandra

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