Friday, 14 November 2008


Alison Stuart  The Kings Man - By The Sword - Tower of Tales

Anita Davison
Duking Days Rebellion - Duking Days Revolution - Trencarrow Secret- Culloden Spirit

Daughters of the Witching Hill - The Vanishing Point - The Real Minerva


Sandra Gulland 

Mistress of The Sun - The Josephine B Trilogy

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Connie Jensen said...

Ladies- you have increased my "to-read" list hugely, and I am enjoying reading your website and blogs. I found you on Historical Blogs: Fiction and Fact, and have added a link to my site, which appears there at the moment under Recent Additions. Would you consider putting a link to my site on yours? I have a feeling that Kathleen Herbert, writer of Moon in Leo (set in 1678 in northern England) would have loved your company, when she was still capable of roaring! Connie Jensen, Trifolium Books UK (